Bringing Fitness to the Streets

One of my favorite things about coaching has always been the versatility of location and equipment.  What I mean by that is, you don’t need to be in a set gym or location or have specific equipment to get the job done.  Whether you have only yourself, or a small hotel gym at your disposal there is always a wide array of training options that many people just aren’t aware of.

A fun challenge of mine has always been to find a way to make fitness accessible to anyone in any place or at any time.  I enjoy training some of the local high school teams in their school weight rooms where there is often limited space and/or equipment given the group size and ability level.  This gives me the opportunity to employ creative solutions in order to get everybody moving well and working hard.  I also program at-home workouts for people with minimal equipment, including my own parents who have only two sets of dumbbells, an exercise bike, and a hip circle band.  With only their compact 4’x6’ workout space they’ve dedicated in the garage I get to come up with unique ways to keep them active.

So it seems only fitting that I start up an outdoor fitness class in my own neighborhood!  I’m looking to get out and help my community, so I plan to start in our local Pleasanton parks.  My hope is that those looking to start a fitness program or even those who are currently training but feel bored and want to mix things up will join me in the park for a daily workout.  No walls, no frills, but all the benefits of the CrossFit program that is constantly varied, functional movement executed at high intensity.

If CrossFit has always sounded intimidating or too intense for you, this is your chance to try it out and see results will speak for themselves.  By learning to move better you will improve not only your fitness and body composition, but also your self confidence and overall approach to life.  You will see challenges as an opportunity to succeed.  You will learn about goal-setting and then working to achieve those goals with the support of your coach (me!) and your community of classmates.

Are you ready to make a change for yourself?

MegaWatt CrossFit welcomes you to join us!

****First classes START Monday May 22nd****