CrossFit Is...


CrossFit is a community.

Training alongside other committed individuals under the guidance and support of your coach is what makes CrossFit not only highly effective, but also extremely fun!

Looking in at CrossFit from the outside, it can be difficult to decode exactly what the program is about.  Our goal as a program is to make you fit, as simple as that.  What that means, is keeping you active and able to live the life you want.  It means improving your flexibility and range of motion in all of your joints.  It means building strength and stamina so that you can handle anything that life throws at you.  When you're fit, you can improve and extend the quality of your life well into your later years.  Fitness is what we are after and CrossFit is how we get there.  

So what exactly is CrossFit?  The program combines constantly varied functional movements done at high intensity.  Which means you can expect the unexpected with an ever-changing program that evolves and continues to challenge you as you improve.  The movements are full-body and take a great degree of coordination and practice in order to master them.  Intensity is the toughest selling point because it means this stuff is hard!  You have to push yourself and be uncomfortable in order for your body to adapt and to get the results that you're after.  But our primary focus will always be that you learn and demonstrate good technique first and foremost.  Intensity will never be an excuse to move poorly.

Now that you know what the CrossFit program is, you really can't understand it completely until you give it a try for yourself.  Come see what it's all about and try a class for free!

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